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As shown in the photo (left to right) SWEET RIDE (mild), REAL CLASSIC (Med), NEW** KOOL BEANS (Med), KRUISIN' BERRY, (Med +) PEELIN' OUT (Med +) , RED ROOF HOT(our traditional hot) & ONE TIRE FIRE (our hottest)

*** Available NOW but not in photo yet: PIN-UP Pineapple (Hot) Pineapple Habanero and STRAWBERRY CAR-GARITA (MILD) our version of a Margarita :)

ALL our styles are based with ZUCCHINI and ALL are GLUTEN FREE! We offer (7) different varieties in order to satisfy ALL taste buds...even one with NO heat.
Each style is unique, making them great additions to any meal! Whether you use the SWEET RIDE(peach) on the grill with your grilled chicken, the REAL CLASSIC on your classic nachos or omelet , smother PEELIN' OUT (apple) on top of your oven roasted pork dish, slow cook Kruisin' Berry (blueberry/jalapeno) in your crock pot with chicken, add RED ROOF HOT to spike up your chili or baked potato, or simply feel the need to sweat with our ONE TIRE FIRE...ALL ARE DELICIOUS! We can't wait to see what you do with the KRUISIN' BERRY! Experiment! You will never fail with GALAXIE! But remember...PREPARE TO SHARE!