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REAL CLASSIC (our original)

Our "original" MEDIUM style, described to be "sweet with a kick," has just enough spice to add a little twist to any dinner, appetizer, or simple chip!  Once you try it, you will crave this style!  Based with zucchini, this amazing salsa has a taste that no other can match.  It has a sweetness that only GALAXIE is known for, followed by just enough spice to call it a medium heat.  Referred to as our "crowd favorite," prepare to be hooked.

Our Price: $6.99
SWEET RIDE (peach)

Our "MILD No Heat" style...Many asked for mild and others asked for PEACH, so here is the best of both worlds! With the same fresh taste we are known for, this is perfect if you like your salsa a little fruity! Whether you are just looking to dunk a simple chip or want to jazz up an old recipe...SWEET RIDE is a great choice.

Our Price: $6.99
PEELIN' OUT (apple)

Our Medium (+) is our "sweet and Spicy" style.  WE think that nothing says MAINE like fresh, local apples with a little touch of cinnamon. Never heard of APPLE salsa? We've mastered this delicious combination sure to be your new favorite!  It is definitely unique but when you try it, you will understand.

Our Price: $6.99
RED ROOF HOT (Habanero Pepper)

Our "Hot" style is great for those who love HOT but want to taste their salsa!  The perfect amount of sweetness in this blend is sure to surprise as many describe this to be a "sneaky" heat. We say "though this may not be as HOT as your Aunt in Texas makes, we know  that  even SHE would love it!  You won't be disappointed!

Our Price: $6.99
One Tire Fire (Habanero and Scorpion pepper)

If you didn't think that RED ROOF HOT was hot enough, ONE TIRE FIRE is for you!  With both serious heat and amazing taste, this is sure to satisfy all "extreme heat seekers" who enjoy pushing their limits! With scorpion peppers to kick it up a knotch, this is hot!  You have been warned!

Our Price: $6.99
KRUISIN' BERRY (blueberry/jalapeno)

The newest addition to the GALAXIE family, Kruisin' Berry combines delicious MAINE blueberries with the subtle heat of jalapeno peppers to create a "sweet heat" burst of flavor you wont put down! We rate it a MEDIUM + heat because of the jalapenos, but let your taste buds tell you what to think :) It's Yum!

Our Price: $6.99
KOOL BEANS (Black Bean and Corn)

A Medium + style is a simple twist on  our Original "CLASSIC" recipe adding black beans and corn for a southwest flare.  Customers are loving this style on their salads so it is definitely perfect for summer!!

Our Price: $6.99