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IMPORTANT: With Holiday season approaching, many of you will be thinking of purchasing Galaxie Salsa for gifts, Yankee waps, or to include in your holiday baskets...please think ahead! We do our best to get your orders out in a timely fashion so you receive them promptly. Please do YOUR best to NOT wait until last minute to place your orders. We will be very busy this season (Thank You!) and want to be able to ship out every order in time for your holiday! THANK YOU for your continued support!
Who ever thought that such a BIG taste could come out of such a SMALL town! At GALAXIE SALSA Co., we have taken ZUCCHINI up a notch and showcased it in our amazing salsa! Whether you think you like zucchini or not, you have to taste our products! Our unique recipe is what places us in our own category making GALAXIE unlike anything you have ever tasted! Though you may be lucky enough to see zucchini in your jar, many don't even know it's in there! Using local ingredients when ever we can, each jar of sweetness will keep you coming back for more...PREPARE TO SHARE!