At GALAXIE, we love to support local organizations and donate to benefit local causes; however, there are so many of you! To help us stay organized and give you the attention you deserve while we consider your request, please email us at with the following:

1) Organization Name or Benefit Name
2) Date of the event and where it will be held
3) Website to refer to discussing details OR a brief explanation of the event/cause
4) Contact Name, phone number, and email address of whom to contact once a decision is made
5) Date the donation would be needed and plan to pick it up/have it dropped off.


Interested in carrying GALAXIE SALSA at your retail location? Salsa is expensive to ship and because we don't have the need to ship often (we currently deliver all to all our stores in Maine/New Hampshire/ Mass.) there are not many options for inexpensive delivery outside of stocking personally. Just email us and let us know where you are and we can discuss possible options by email or phone. Thank you for thinking of us. Our email address is galaxiesalsa@yahoo.com Thank you for your interest!